Star Festival – 七夕 tanabata


こんにちは〜 \(◕ω◕)/♥

The new month started last week! Are you enjoying summer so far?
Now that it’s July, the Star Festival is coming soon! Star Festival in Japanese is 七夕 (たなばた – Tanabata), and we celebrate it on July 7th every year.

Historically, 七夕 comes from one love story in the Milky Way. A long time ago, Altair and Vega fell in love with each other, and gradually, they became lazier and lazier about their work. So the king made them separate, but he let them meet each other only on July 7th every year.

Traditionally, we celebrate 七夕 by decorating bamboo grass with ornaments made of origami.
In addition, we write our wish on a strip of paper and hang on the bamboo grass.

During this season, you can see decorated bamboo grasses in many places, especially at shrines and temples.

There are a wide range of origami ornaments, and you can make all of them with scissors, glues, and a pen. So you should definitely try it out!
For example, this is bamboo grass. (*You need a glue to make this.)


This is a star.

If you don’t have origami, don’t worry. You can get some on! Click here.
↑Double-side origami (24 × 24 cm) Click here.

↑Ehime shikou 100 colors origami (25 × 25 cm) Click here.

In the evening of July 7th, it’s also fun to look up at the dark sky with beautiful stars. You can also enjoy stars in your room with Homestar Planetarium! Click here.

I hope you’ll enjoy 七夕 this week! (^_-)-☆ 


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