Favorite Japanese Manga when I was a kid




My favorite Japanese Manga when I was a kid (-ω-@)☆マンガ

my favorite japanese manga when i was a kid (-ω-@)☆マンガ

Manga list  (-ω-@)☆

Do you want to read manga in Japanese?
Level up your reading skills and have fun at the same time! Perfect for Japanese language learners who want to improve their reading comprehension and speed!

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N3 prep course is ready now☆

I might delete this short video later but I can show you the little part of the JLPT N3 prep course!

punipuni japan (ぷにぷに)

The live-lesson will be every Sunday and Monday at 9:30am Japan Time!
But we are recording the lesson videos so you can join this course anytime! You can join now and prepare for attending the first class! Kumi sensei is waiting for you.

Q: How long is each lesson? How many lessons are in the course?

A: Each lesson will be 30 minutes long. There will be 20 lessons in the course. We also have a special facebook group and you can communicate with the teacher there if you have questions etc..

Q: How much does the course cost?

A: Each lesson costs only $5 USD! Since there are 20 lessons in the course, the total price for the course will be $100. Since the goal of this course is to improve your Japanese to the point where you can pass the N5, we will only accept a student who are prepared to take the full course.

For those of you who participated in the N5 prep course, the N4 course is the same kind of style!

After each lesson, the video recording of the lesson will be posted on the Facebook Page for you to review. Learning Materials, etc. will also be posted on the Facebook Page!

The teacher (Matsuda Sensei), the cost of the course ($100) and the lesson time will all be the same as the N5 course. Live lesson from 9:30AM~JPN time (Sunday&Monday). But we will record the video so even if you can’t come to the live-lesson, no problem!

There are 20 lessons in this course, meaning the cost of each lesson is ONLY $5!!

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